HUPO-PSI meeting 2020



Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the PSI meeting 2020 will be fully virtual for the first time and it will still take place from Mon 23rd to Thurs 26th March 2020. The workshop will focus on developing data standards related to mass spectrometry for spectral libraries, the Universal Spectrum Identifier, ProXI (the protein eXpression Interface), quality control and capturing study metadata, and in the molecular interactions side on mapping standards to Cytoscape.

We will be welcoming the new PSI work group – Intrinsically Disordered Proteins (IDP). We are also planning a new session related to standards for glycoproteomics, to scope out the community need in this area

Details about how to connect the different sessions will be soon included in the agenda of the meeting (see below).   



Registration for the HUPO-PSI meeting 2020 is now closed.


We will be fully virtual. Our slack workspace "HUPO-PSI" will function as hub. If you have registered, you should receive an invite shortly. From our slack workspace, all tracks will have their own channels and link to the ongoing sessions in zoom/meet/hangouts.