Universal Spectrum Identifier in DocProc [handling editor: Martin Eisenacher]

1.) Original submission (after steering group review)

There has been a submission to the PSI Document Process by the Mass Spectrometry workgroup with a new recommendation, the Universal Spectrum Identifier.

After having passed a review of the PSI steering group with minor changes, the proposed document version 1.0.0 DRAFT 7 now goes through 60-days public comments and external review phase (end: 18th December 2020).

Purpose of the standard (excerpt from the spec. doc.): “This document presents a specification for a multi-part identifier of the form mzspec:<collection>:<msRun>:<indexType>:<indexNumber>:<optional interpretation> for mass spectra so that they may be easily and universally referenced for subsequent access. The Universal Spectrum Identifier (USI) describes a virtual path to locate a spectrum plus a possible interpretation of that spectrum. The USI is being implemented at most ProteomeXchange partner repositories and can be freely used by any other software. While initially implemented for the field of proteomics, its design is amenable to other fields that use mass spectrometers for analyte detection.”

Because it is not a file format, there is neither a Schema definition nor XML / tab example files, but some practical examples of USIs from ProteomeXchange member DBs and others (included in the document).

Specification document: https://github.com/HUPO-PSI/usi/blob/master/Specification/USI_SpecDoc_1.0.draft07_2020-09-29.docx?raw=true
Use case examples: http://www.psidev.info/usi (USIs used in repository URLs).
Development background: https://github.com/HUPO-PSI/usi

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        Martin Eisenacher (PSI Editor)