Validator Tutorial: How to Write Your Own Validator


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In this section, we are going to give more information about what you should if you are planning to write your own validator.

a. Requirements


  • Java 5 or above (
  • Maven 2 or above ( This is not per se a mandatory requirements but as we have developed the framework using it that are many advantages to be gained. Should you choose not to use it, please be aware that we have made available a version of the validator framework on SourceForge that contains all necessary dependencies.
  • A Java IDE to ease the development (in this tutorial I will mostly refer to IntelliJ 13.x --


b. Defining your needs

Here are a few question you could ask yourself before to go any further:

What is to be checked on ?
What part of my data model ?

Am I using ontologies and controlled vocabularies ?
What ontologies and controlled vocabularies is my model using ?
Are these ontologies available in OBO format ?
Are these available in the Ontology Lookup Service ( ? On the Internet ? On your local computer ?

Anything else you need to check on ?
How would I proceed to validate it, how can I implement it ?


In the following sections we are going to define more precisely how to use the various components of the validator.


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