Registration - PSI meeting 2017

Registration for the 2017 meeting is now open!!

Note this address should be suitable as a courier address for us to send your invitation letter to you.
Please select the days you are planning to attend (very important for logistics issues). Multiple selection allowed.
Select which tracks you would like to participate in the PSI meeting (only if you are attending). Multiple selection allowed.
We will reserve accommodation in the institute-internal hotel for you. Please ensure you provide the checkin/checkout dates for the Phoenix center only, for example if you add private holiday elsewhere.
For reservation, please indicate if you'd like to participate in the joint dinners
More information here.
We'll go to a nearby mall with plenty of options (self pay). Recommended: "Spicy Fish" Chinese restaurant, details at
We'll organise transport to Houhai Lakes, a large restaurant/bar area, where you can make your own choice. Indicate if you'd like to join the transport. Return by taxi on your own.
Please explain your needs.
We are organising a hiking excursion on the Great Wall on the 27th. Details see Cost is 450 RMB.
We offer around 20 travel fellowships. If you are requesting a travel fellowship, please provide an abstract on your PSI project(s) below.
Please complete if known, we will notify you if we can pick you up from the airport. Otherwise see taxi instructions
VISA support
The visa support letter needs to have a lot of personal data. Please complete these fields if you plan to request an "F" visa, otherwise we can't send you a valid visa support letter.
Please add any further information here.